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The Maclellan Bld, 721 Broad St Suite 100
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

METAMORPHOSIS: new album now available for free download (or name-your-price)


NEWS: A new surprise album, METAMORPHOSIS, will be released May 8th, and will be available to download for free.

THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES has been in the works for the past year, and is finally completed as of March 2020. This is a graphic novella of illustrated lyrical stories accompanied by their own individual songs. Through visuals and music, I want to bring you an immersive experience told from the perspective of trees, their elementals, and animal guides.

The inspiration for this project was born from collective messages from the spirits of trees, as well as the beings who work alongside them. Generous with their energy, trees hold powerfully healing properties. As wise and spiritual teachers, they're ready to help us grow into the most vibrant versions of ourselves. Through visuals and song, they share how they connect and what they observe from their perspective.

The book contains over 100 new pieces of art. You’ll find 11 stories here, guided by 11 songs. The book will be a hardcover with a CD on the inside. A digital music download card through Bandcamp will be included with each. The total audio running time is about 52 minutes.

KICKSTARTER DELAY: Due to the global pandemic and in consideration of the stress that many are going through in regards to the COVID-19, the Kickstarter campaign (originally planned for April) for THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF TREES graphic novella is being delayed until further notice. In the meantime, online orders continue to be processed and items will be lovingly shipped to you. Stay healthy, everyone.

- Polly

"Walk through the forest door, and climb into our sacred space."

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