Scary Little Bedtime Stories

(limited edition signed book)




5.5" x 8.5" soft-cover. 40 pages. Perfect bound. Inside pages are black & white.

Within the pages of this little book are four stories, previously available as limited-edition chapbooks. More than a decade later they return, presented in a revised and reformatted collection.

Mundae: A grim little witch finds herself on a peculiar graveyard adventure with her dolls. Immerse yourself in this off-the-wall macabre story.

Countess Izabella: What surprise awaits the vampiress of New Orleans at the castle of Count Forlorn? Find out in this charming tale of quirky characters.

Lullabye & Latimer: From space escapades in search of pets, to excursions in the foggiest of nights to track down a team of lost moonspiders, you'll love the gothic yet sprightly shenanigans of Lullabye and Latimer.

Scary Little Faeries: Thoughts of faeries typically invoke visions of sweet little waifs, harmless to those lucky enough to happen upon them. Every rose does have its thorn, however. Here we find an assortment of wicked faeries few have seen, and of which even fewer have lived to tell the tale. 

Written and illustrated by Paulina Cassidy.

Printed in the USA, © 2018.

NOTE: Due to the morbid nature of some of the content, this book is not recommended for young children.

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