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1. The Space Inbetween
2. Let Us In
3. Incoming Dreamland
4. Carry the Spell
5. Spaceman
6. And the Night
7. Fawn Moon
8. The Dreamcatcher and the Owl
9. We Are the Stars
10. The Lost and Haunted
11. The Ghost in the Mirror
12. Shadow Memories
13. Love Everlasting
14. Dreamwalkers
15. Lightbody

Digital distribution 2019 © Projekt Records.

Release date: September 13, 2019.

Composed, performed, and mastered by Polly Fae. Produced by Dr. Bee & Polly Fae. CD art by Polly Fae.

Polly Fae (known previously as Paulina Cassidy) returns with quiet bewitchment on her new album of 15 swirling atmospheric pieces that straddle the boundaries of ambient and dream pop. Awakened with trance-inducing melodies from the threshold of earthly and galactic realms, DREAMWALKERS escorts the listener into a reverie of ghostly tones and enticing chants. It’s ethereal, gossamer and shimmering, evoking in-between times and places.

With sparse electronic instrumentation and Polly’s signature half-whispered soft, sultry vocals drifting from the recess of the subconscious, the tracks sculpt a private universe of floating, gossamer aesthetic. Polly’s voice is a graceful instrument beneath a wisp of echo and dreams, the fluidly-layered pieces draw the listener into her world of audible art.

Steve Davis, Associate Producer of HEARTS OF SPACE Radio Program wrote about her recent album: Paulina Cassidy creates “….a quiet masterpiece, both earthly and ethereal. Through her music, lyrics and images she guides us through an alluring world that seems strange yet familiar, distant but as close as your heart. The veil of the dreamworld is near; the Eternal Feminine is calling."

These compositions are love letters for the passionate heart with a desire to drift into worlds unknown. Born of vortex storms and a kiss of stardust, DREAMWALKERS unearths hidden aspects of the soul from the depth of dreaming. Float into eternity with a spaceman, and run astray into the dark of night with the fawn moon. Enchanting and tranquil, yet shadowy and peculiar, the lullaby-esque songs bring to light an au courant rendering of the nature of reality and its arcane kinship to the celestial-bound dreamer. Rest your head, and open the door to a new reality.

We first met Polly with her hypnotic version of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ on Projekt’s 2012 ORNAMENTAL holiday sampler. In 2014, we were given SUGAR WINGSHIVER, a full album of whimsical and lushly-textured songs. 2018 brought DRAWING UP A STORM, an album of aqueous melodies, and the beginning of 2019 brought PHANTOM GARDENS, a landscape of lush songs from otherworldly plant life. She returns with DREAMWALKERS, a new album of sensuous compositions to transport the listener to another dimensional space.



It’s always an interesting situation when one ‘discovers’ an artist who already has eight previous releases. Where have I been all that time? Polly Fae, for those eight previous releases known as Paulina Cassidy, put out the first four on her private label Ulaluma Records, and the next four were on the Projekt label; she is probably just as well known for her artwork and tarot cards as she is for her music. For this latest release, Dreamwalkers (her ninth overall), she decided to release it as Polly Fae, though her music appears to be continuing on a similar trajectory with all that came before it. The title – Dreamwalkers – is entirely appropriate for her form of ambient, dreamy, avant-garde shoegaze non-pop, for lack of a better descriptor; a subtle and introspective maze of mystical shimmering sounds come together on each of of the fifteen tracks, including Polly’s breathy whispered vocals that can hardly be deciphered most of the time, an effect I believe is entirely intentional to the overall end result. The listener will find themselves paralyzed by the sheer beauty of the enveloping sound fragments that surround the listener on this journey. Credits do not disclose who plays the instrumental parts, though it may well be all of Polly’s doing. What I hear are pianos (both standard and prepared), synthesizers, loops, all treated with epic amounts of studio reverb, echo and sustain, with perhaps small amounts of bass, acoustic guitar, all intertwined with multiple layers of vocals, all treated to similar effects. I’m occasionally reminded of the mid-90s work of artists like Lycia, though Dreamwalkers is even more avant and ambient overall, with a drifting and restless spirit that moves through ever-shifting, somewhat dark sonic vignettes. There are moments of bright and floral melodic color, though deeply introspective. What I hear is truly fascinating and beautiful, something I want to play over and over for hours on end, a soundworld from which I never want to escape.

- Exposé.org: Exploring the Boundaries of Rock (written by Peter Thelen)

Polly Fae’s latest album is full of dark, haunting dreampop that’s the perfect soundtrack for autumn evenings.

Those familiar with Paulina Cassidy’s ephemeral dreampop as heard on albums like 2014’s Sugar Wingshiver might find that her latest album requires some adjustment. Recorded under the “Polly Fae” moniker, Dreamwalkers still lies squarely in the ambient/dreampop spectrum, but Fae’s sonic palette is darker, sparser, and more harrowing.

Fae’s music has always been otherworldly. However, there’s something particularly spectral about Dreamwalkers, as if her instruments themselves are the ghosts, and Fae is simply summoning them together to create her haunting music. As such, it might take a little longer for the album’s spell to take effect, but take effect it almost certainly will.

When Fae sings “Open the door, let us in/We wait for you to let us in” (“Let Us In”) in a near-whisper against shivering electronics, it feels less like an invitation than an evocation. Later, she sings “We are watchful/We are in the trees” against piano filigrees on “The Dreamcatcher and the Owl” in a manner that’s as disquieting as it is comforting.

“Spaceman” features some of the Dreamwalkers’ most rapturous lyrics, but it’s so minimal that you have to strain to hear Fae’s voice. On this song, as well as on album highlight “Carry the Spell,” her hushed music brings to mind — or perhaps, given the album’s nature, “conjures” is a more accurate term — visions of Liz Harris (Grouper) fronting an electro-pop outfit like Mus or Lost Balance.

- Opus (opuszine.net • written by Jason Morehead)




Incoming Dreamland

Incoming dreamland
From the other
Incoming dreamland
Find me
While I dream
Incoming dreamland
From the other
Incoming dreamland
I'll find you
While I dream


We Are the Stars

Born of vortex storms
We are the stars
Bringers of conscious light
We are the stars



I am your spaceman
Like lightning we bolt
In stars with dust
In eternity we float
Through the galaxy
Never underestimate your will
Your power of your intent
Your love
Never underestimate
What we are doing with you
In heaven above

Let Us In

Open the door
Let us in
Open the door
Let us in
We wait for you to
Let us in
Open the door
We wait for you, too


The Dreamcatcher and the Owl

Sleep little angel
Rest your head
Sleep little darling
Don't you worry
We have come a long way
We are watchful
We are in the trees
I am here


Fawn Moon

Hide the hands of time
The mind is racing
Running running astray
Night be still
Fawn moon running
Circle the sky
Fawn moon running away
Circle the sky


Carry the Spell

Carry the spell as we dream
From here and beyond
Carry the spell as we dream
From here and beyond




The Lost and Haunted

Awaken on moonlit flower beds
Over rocks and rivers green and red
Bringers of long forgotten treasures
These things simply can't be measured

Found are the lost and haunted
Fade away
Before the break of morning
Loved are the lost and haunted
Fly to me
Before the break of morning

Awaken in the moonlit mists of hollow
I've a message from the starlets and the swallows
Oh now will they raid the fallen towers
Oh now will they wake the dreaming watchers

Found are the lost and haunted
Fade away
Before the break of morning
Loved are the lost and haunted
Fly to me
Before the break of morning


lyrics 2019 © Polly Fae

(Spaceman lyrics by Dr. Bee)